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Sports Injury Negligence Claims

If you have endured substandard medical treatment for a sports injury, Ramsdens Solicitors could help you to claim compensation. Our medical negligence solicitors will guide you every step of the way to secure the maximum compensation sum possible for your injury.

Our award-winning legal specialists - based in offices across Yorkshire - understand the devastating impact that negligence can have on your life, and your recovery from an existing injury. We have helped hundreds of people in your position to claim compensation, which means we are well-placed to guide you through the legal process.

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How we can help

Negligence can be an issue for both professional and amateur sportspersons, and can arise from treatment received following injury, either arranged through your club or establishment, rehabilitation providers, through the NHS or on a private basis.

At Ramsdens Solicitors, we are able to assist you in receiving the compensation you deserve in respect of any negligent treatment. Damages will be assessed in two ways - firstly to compensate for your physical symptoms, and secondly in the refund of financial losses incurred (including care and assistance or other services provided).

Often sportspersons are affected significantly as a result of injury, and for professionals, their entire career path may be altered. Lost earnings can be recovered in a claim for damages together with additional benefits received and often relating to performance. For amateurs and professionals, loss of enjoyment will also be factored into any claim for damages, along with the psychological impact caused by an inability to participate.

Ramsdens Solicitors will ensure that all aspects of your claim are investigated in a sympathetic and professional manner. We aim to maximise damages and will ensure that you are rehabilitated so that you return to the position you were in before injury, so far as possible.

What types of sporting injuries are most likely to occur due to medical negligence?

There are various types of clinical negligence claims. Injuries which are most likely to occur in connection with medical malpractice following sporting injury are:

  • Amputation - if the correct medical treatment is not provided after a traumatic injury in sporting activity, this can result in additional complications and subsequent amputation.
  • Brain injury - this can occur if an injury is not promptly and properly treated. Concussion is often not properly dealt with in the sporting industry, which results in the additional complications.
  • Injury from drugs administered - this can result from a medical professional prescribing inappropriate drugs to treat an injury or assist with pain.
  • Misdiagnosis causing a worsening of symptoms - following an injury, a medical professional may not properly investigate your symptoms. You may therefore be incorrectly diagnosed and treated whilst the original injury goes untreated and your symptoms worsen.
  • Nerve injury - nerve injuries are often misdiagnosed during sporting activities. If adequate treatment is not received, then your condition can continue to worsen.
  • Orthopaedic injury – the most common type of orthopaedic injury in relation to sporting clinical negligence is a failure to diagnose a fracture or to misdiagnose this as a lesser injury, which can often result in prolonged recovery and the requirement for additional surgery.
  • Injury following surgery - in relation to sporting injuries, this would be most common where surgery was not carried out adequately, resulting in additional complications.

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