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Court of Protection

If you are becoming concerned about your ability, or a loved one’s ability to effectively manage your (or their) affairs, we can assist and support you. At Ramsdens Solicitors, we have experts who have been approved and appointed by the Court of Protection to help manage the affairs of our clients.

Ramsdens Solicitors is Law Society accredited in Wills and Inheritance Quality and our Partner Veronica Mullins is one of only 64 Court approved Panel Deputies in the UK, meaning we are well placed to offer this type of legal advice.

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What is the Court of Protection?

The Court of Protection is a specialist court that helps to protect vulnerable individuals who lack the capacity to deal with their own affairs.

Our team has the legal expertise to deal with a full range of Court of Protection services, including the following:

What does a Court of Protection solicitor do?

When a person lacks the mental capacity to look after their own affairs and has not put in place a Power of Attorney, the Court of Protection will appoint a deputy to look after their affairs. The Deputy must act in that person’s best interests, following the rules of the Mental Capacity Act.

As the UK population continues to live longer, having finances and other affairs in order is vital to ensure older individuals can rest assured that their assets will be left to the person or organisation they choose.

When would I need a Court of Protection solicitor?

If you are in a situation where you have become responsible for managing the affairs of another individual, seeking legal assistance is recommended. Handling another person’s affairs can be very daunting and is a huge responsibility.

A solicitor will give you the advice you require to manage someone else’s money and affairs in their best interests. A solicitor can assist if:

  • you are concerned about someone else’s ability to manage their own affairs;
  • you are worried about your own capability to manage your affairs;
  • you believe that another person’s affairs are being mismanaged, or you believe your own affairs are being mismanaged.

What is a deputyship?

A deputy is an individual appointed by the Court of Protection to manage the finances and/or personal welfare of another person who does not have the mental capacity to manage their affairs themselves.

Once a person has lost their mental capacity, a deputyship application by a third-party may be necessary and is often the only alternative if the person lacking capacity has not previously made a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Who can be a deputy?

Any person over the age of 18 can make an application to be a deputy - in many cases this will be a spouse or a close relative. If you are becoming concerned about your, or a loved one’s, ability to effectively manage your affairs, we can assist and support you.

It will be necessary to appoint a professional deputy in many cases where there is no one willing or able to take on the role, or where the person lacking mental capacity has a large estate.

Veronica Mullins is authorised to manage the financial or welfare affairs of those who are unable to look after their own business or personal interests.

We can assist you in making applications for the appointment of deputies, administer deputyships and have experts approved by the court to take on the role of a professional deputy.

Why choose Ramsdens?

Ramsdens Solicitors is ranked in the prestigious Legal 500. We have the knowledge and expertise required to assist you with all Court of Protection-related issues.

We also understand the sensitive nature of such cases, and will endeavour to treat your case with the utmost care.

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