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Is your business legally fit?

Ramsdens' Business Legal Services team acts for and engages with hundreds of SME’s and OMB’s.

At a time of increased change in terms of the future landscape for business and increased regulation, we are offering a new style of approach designed to help our commercial clients stay ahead of the game and remain fit for the future.

Based on a fixed fee we will review the legal infrastructure of your business, applying legal and commercial skills to help you remain compliant. Importantly, we also ensure that your legal infrastructure supports (rather than detracts from) your competitive advantage.

Our approach is simple.

We will:

Meet you to understand the nature of your business, the environment in which it operates, the particular challenges of the sector and contribute from our experience with other clients.

Agree with you a programme of work to review your approach in key areas, such as:

  • Terms and Conditions of trade – what can we do to better protect you and promote your competitive advantage?
  • Regulatory Arrangements – how would you cope with a visit from the Regulator and do your systems and policies assist you in your compliance obligations, for example on Health and Safety?
  • Employment Arrangements – whether you are supported by direct employees, contractors or other categories of workers, are your contracts well drafted to protect you from unwanted claims and your assets from future unfair competition?
  • Your obligations and duties as directors and leaders of the business – are your approach and systems consistent with best practice, and will you be protected from claims giving rise to personal liability?
  • Data Compliance - are your policies and procedures 'GDPR' compliant?
  • Debt – is your credit control affecting your cash flow?
  • Property – are your rights to occupy your business premises properly protected?

Following the review, we will;

  • Agree with you a timetable and fixed cost to cover the review, advice and any re-drafting that may be appropriate. We will also agree with you a programme of implementation for change if that is required following the review and include that in our costing if appropriate.
  • Present a report to you with any necessary documentation or advice to support any proposed changes or amendments, and meet with you and colleagues to discuss and answer questions.
  • Diarise to engage with you again to review the effectiveness of the changes proposed and to share feedback.

Our approach to costing is simple and transparent.

We will discuss with you the areas where you are likely to require support and for documents to be reviewed.

We will then propose a fixed fee for conducting a review and advising on implementation.


If you would like more information about our SME's Business Support Services and how they can help your business, please either use the contact form on the right, email us at or call us on 01924 444 555 to speak to a member of our team.