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  April 23, 2018
For every 3 victims of domestic abuse 2 will be women and 1 will be a man. Domestic abuse effects both genders. It also effects people from every kind of background and culture. Statistics show that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will suffer domestic abuse during their lifetime. Given these statistics, there is every chance that a friend or relative of your own could be suffering from domestic abuse.
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  April 20, 2018
In the context of bank funding or loan facilities to a company it is not uncommon for a bank to ask the Directors of a company to provide a personal guarantee to secure the lending. The level of security granted by the borrower will depend on the nature of the loan and may often include a legal charge over real property or assets.
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  April 18, 2018
When someone passes away, financial institutions are unlikely to release any assets in the Estate belonging to the Deceased (money, property and possessions) without a “Grant of Probate” (if they left a Will) or “Grant of Letters of Administration” (if they died Intestate, meaning without a Will). A Grant may not be required by financial institutions if the value of the Deceased’s Estate is fairly modest, however will always be required where there is a property.
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  April 16, 2018
In the recent case of Herefordshire Council v AB [2018] EWFC 10 Mr Justice Keehan heavily criticised Herefordshire Council for what he described as “two of the most egregious abuses of section 20 accommodation by a Local Authority.”
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  April 12, 2018
Figures recently released from the Ministry of Justice have shown an increase in the number of grandparents going to Court in order to have contact with their grandchildren.
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  April 9, 2018
When buying a property, it’s important to understand how your purchase will affect you in the future. Owning a property is an investment and a way to build equity, but it also comes with responsibilities. So, are there any big differences between buying a flat and buying a house?
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  April 6, 2018
The recent High Court decision in Kotak v Kotak highlights the issue of bank mandates signed by one party in the context of a partnership. In this case the partnership had entered into a series of loan agreements with the bank and had signed a bank mandate that specifically required all the Partners’ signatures.
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  April 4, 2018
The Supreme Court case of Barton v Wright Hassall LLP revolved around a litigant in person’s failure to comply with the rules of Court set out in the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR).
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