  June 1, 2020
This is something which the Court had to consider in the recent case of Clitheroe v Bond [2020]. The case relates to the Estate of Jean Clitheroe who died in September 2017. She had three children, namely, a son and two daughters, one of whom had died in 2009. In 2010 she made her first Will effectively leaving the bulk of her estate to her son John Clitheroe and excluding her daughter Susan Bond.
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  May 27, 2020
​As we enter another week of having to deal with Covid-19, many of us are now reflecting on the recent past, missing the “normality” of being able to go to the shops, see family and friends and even just go for a walk without having to don a mask, gloves and maintain a distance of at least 2 metres.
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  May 18, 2020
There has been several farming disputes before the courts in recent years and the latest decision in the case of Guest v Guest [2019] reminds us of the remedies available to successful Claimants in proprietary estoppel claims.
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  May 14, 2020
The “forfeiture rule” under The Forfeiture Act 1982 prohibits a person from benefiting from the estate of the person he/she unlawfully killed, however the Court has a discretion to waive forfeiture in certain cases.
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  May 7, 2020
An interesting judgement was delivered at Leeds County Court last month in the case of Bullockv Denton &Willoughby [2020]. The Claimant, Yvonne Bullock moved in with her partner just over 3 years before his sudden and unexpected death in May 2017.
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  May 4, 2020
Generally, any claim under the Act must be brought within 6 months of the date on which a Grant of probate was issued. However, in certain cases the courts have discretion to extend this time limit.
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 Natalie Lang
  April 29, 2020
Leaving behind a Will ensures that our affairs are looked after once we die, but not everybody thinks about what would happen if they were unable to manage their affairs during their lifetime.
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 Veronica Mullins
  April 20, 2020
Covid-19 has certainly changed the way in which we live our day to day lives and made a strange new world for all of us.
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