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At Ramsdens Solicitors, we believe that there are unique characteristics within professional services firms that are often ignored or misunderstood when advice is sought or given.

We have brought together a team of senior lawyers and business advisers to support professional services firms in their creation, development and progression, and should the need arise, during more difficult times.

We advise and support businesses operating as partnerships, LLP’s and limited companies across the range of service offerings: from legal and finance to architects, surveyors, estate agents and engineers to medical and dental. Wherever professional talent is deployed by a business to generate revenue, we are here to support and advise you.

Our advice is tailored to the particular circumstances of a situation or issue and includes, most commonly, one or more of the following:

  • Core documentation and governance
  • Firm performance
  • Change management
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Reward and progression structures
  • Performance management and talent development
  • Succession planning and implementation
  • Regulatory issues and liaison with governing bodies
  • Sensitive investigations
  • Pre-dispute and dispute resolution support and litigation

Our specialist partner led team comprises a number of current and former Managing Partners, combining management and business experience with legal expertise.

Examples of our Work

Acting for and advising a law firm operating as a limited company dealing with the departure of a key partner and team. Issues of governance, director and shareholder duties and rights were combined with an ongoing requirement to maintain firm-wide performance. We worked alongside specialist accountants, valuing the business as a whole and department files and work in progress with a view to creating an orderly exit whilst protecting the practise for the benefit of the remaining owners and officers.

Planning and overseeing material change to the remuneration, professional development and governance structures of a leading professional services firm. Taking the business from design and planning, through key stakeholder consultation to a formal vote to endorse the programme of change.

Acting for a legal practice in the protection of its business under threat from a departing Partner intent on acting in breach of restrictive covenants. A proprietary interest in a body of clients was established, protecting them from solicitation by the departing Partner.


With a wealth of combined expertise, experience and know-how our team can identify and address any issue and proactively in the context of your profession.

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