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Why Ramsdens?

Our goal at Ramsdens is to deliver equal opportunity and experience to everyone who works in our firm.

Here’s what some of our team think about working at Ramsdens:

Jodie Wielgus, Senior Associate in our Private Client team

Jodie Wielgus, Senior Associate

"I joined Ramsdens Solicitors as an Office Junior in the summer of 2005 fresh from completing my Law Degree at Leeds University. I was initially employed to work the Summer Holidays prior to commencing my Legal Practice Course in the September. By the time the Summer had ended, I was approached by the firm who asked me to become a permanent member of staff. This was for me an incredible offer and one that I absolutely couldn’t turn down. I had realised from my Summer with Ramsdens, that working in a firm and gaining a valuable insight into how the business was run and how clients and cases were handled, was just as important as completing my LPC and would stand me in a very good position for my future career.

For the next two years, I remained working for Ramsdens as a Legal Secretary to an Employment and Commercial Solicitor whilst completing my LPC on a part time basis. The knowledge I gained during this period was absolutely critical to my career journey and something that I cannot stress enough to anyone wanting to embark on a career as a solicitor; you must have work experience as this is just as important, if not more important, than just knowing the law! Just before the completion of my LPC, I was offered a Training Contract. Ramsdens to me is my family and my biggest champion, they have supported me, encouraged and enabled my entire journey.

Even now, 15 years on, I am still being developed by the firm and encouraged to work towards taking the next step in my career."

Michael Robinson, Associate Solicitor in our Private Client team

Michael Robinson, Associate Solicitor

"I started at Ramsdens in 2010 straight from University and was employed as a legal assistant for an Associate Solicitor. Nine years later and I am now an Associate Solicitor in the Private Client department. I have been lucky enough to benefit from the fantastic support and development opportunities at Ramsdens but that has derived from hard work, commitment and being inspired by those leading the firm.

I am now in a position with my experience to encourage and inspire others who are on their journey with the firm. To be able to pass on my knowledge and experience is exactly what others did for me and as the firm grows so does the support and inspiration."

Stephanie Bradley, Chartered Legal Executive in our Private Client team

Stephanie Bradley, Chartered Legal Executive

"I have worked for Ramsdens since 2005, and during that time I have been able to progress from an office junior to a Chartered Legal Executive. Ramsdens have whole heartily supported my legal career and I feel very grateful and fortunate to have been trained and encouraged by everyone along the way. Ramsdens have helped me develop personally as well as professionally and continue to support me as I branch out to the next stage of my career as a qualified lawyer.

It is really encouraging as an employee to see how committed the firm are in developing members of staff through various channels to achieve a successful legal career with them. In particular, the number of people enrolling onto the Cilex training programme has increased significantly, and I feel incredibly proud to have undertaken this route into the legal profession. Without the support, loyalty and commitment from Ramsdens, I would not be where I am today and being part of the Ramsdens Family allows me to continue doing a job that I love on a daily basis!"

Adam Cockroft, Senior Associate in our Corporate team

Adam Cockroft, Senior Associate

“I have worked in the Corporate Department for four years. The senior solicitors have an open door policy and having access to their wealth of information, gained over many years, is better than any training course.”