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  June 20, 2018
New regulations set to come into force in summer 2018 will allow company Directors and individuals to remove details of their residential address filed on the public register at Companies House. Currently under the Companies Act 2006, company Directors and Secretaries are able to provide a service address for correspondence to ensure that their residential address is not shown on the public register. Whilst the 2006 Act allowed a service address to be provided it did not provide for the removal of any existing residential addresses that had previously been filed at Companies House.
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  May 12, 2017
BHS and the Parliamentary criticism of Phillip Green brings to mind the various pitfalls of owners and Directors in dealing with a company which is falling on hard times.
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  September 22, 2016
An interesting point arises, of which many of the younger drivers will be only too aware of. If you have not had your licence for two years and you reach 6 penalty points by way of endorsement either 2 fixed fee penalties or a single endorsement of 6 points your licence is immediately revoked.
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