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Defective medical product claims

If your health and wellbeing have suffered as a result of the failure of a medical device, you may be unable to do things that you previously took for granted.

While most medical procedures run without fault, sometimes mistakes can happen, and products can malfunction, which can have an unfounded impact on the patient’s life - and in some instances, prove to be fatal.

Medical devices, such as a replacement hip or knee joint, can prove incredibly dangerous if they are not installed correctly. However, in some instances, they can be faulty regardless of human error. In cases such as these, you may be eligible to claim compensation.

At Ramsdens Solicitors, our team of medical negligence specialists is aware of the problems caused by defective medical products, and we know the impact this can have on your life.


If an individual has been injured by a medical device, they can make a claim for compensation if it can be proven that the product was in fact defective, and it was responsible for the injuries suffered, according to the Consumer Protection Act 1987.

Devices of this nature can include:

  • Contraceptive devices
  • Corneal implants
  • Cosmetic implants
  • Heart devices, such as pacemakers, valves and defibrillator leads
  • Medical apparatus used in the treatment of patients
  • Replacement hip joints
  • Replacement knee joints
  • Transvaginal or vaginal mesh

It is the responsibility of the manufacturing company to ensure that they are effective and have as few side effects as possible. If they fail to uphold this promise, individuals can recover compensation from the manufacturer for any injury and subsequent financial loss incurred.


At Ramsdens Solicitors, our team of product liability claims specialists have dealt with hundreds of cases of this type, so it is likely we will have helped clients in similar circumstances to yours. We can use our insight to gain the best possible outcome for you, while ensuring that we maintain high standards of care at all times.

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