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Prescription Errors

A prescription error can result in serious injury, further complication to an illness and, in extreme cases, can even prove fatal. We expect those charged with prescribing medication to do it correctly. However, mistakes can occur.

If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of an error, you could make a prescription error claim. Our solicitors can help you seek out compensation for the pain and suffering caused by these often disastrous mistakes.


We have assisted many victims of medication errors, and have the expertise to help you in the following types of cases:

  • Administration errors
  • Allergic reactions to medication
  • Harmful combinations of medication
  • Incorrect prescribed dosages
  • Incorrect prescriptions
  • Medication labelled incorrectly

If you have suffered as a result of any of the above errors, you should contact Ramsdens Solicitors today for assistance on making a claim for compensation.


    The medical negligence team at Ramsdens Solicitors has secured compensation for a large number of people who have suffered an injury, disability or fatality due to a prescription error. Although money will never replace that which you have lost, it can help you and your family to cope with the expenses this traumatic event can produce.

    Whether you’ve suffered financial hardship from taking time off work, require extra care for physical symptoms or seek recompense for the pain and suffering caused, our lawyers are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal advice to those who have been hurt.


    If you believe a prescription error caused your or your loved one’s injury, contact our medical negligence solicitors today. You can speak to an expert directly by calling 0800 804 7450, email us at or by filling in our online claims form.