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Domestic abuse is, sadly, extremely common. However, it is considered a ‘hidden crime’ due to the fact that many victims of abuse either don’t report the crimes they have suffered or under-report it in surveys such as the Crime Survey of England and Wales.

As a result, we don’t really know exactly how many people are affected by domestic abuse, but some of the more reliable data* suggests an estimated 4.3 million women aged between 16 and 59 have experienced domestic abuse since the age of 16.

In addition, official figures showed an estimated 695,000 males suffered domestic abuse in the UK last year alone.

We have created a series of images that can help people better understand how to deal with, and ultimately escape, domestic abuse. In addition, they help to quickly and simply explain different forms of domestic abuse, and how they can impact those around you.

Let’s not wait until Domestic Abuse Awareness Month in October to spread the word - help us share these images and raise awareness of domestic abuse and how victims can protect themselves and re-take control of their lives.

*Office for National Statistics, 2018

If you need legal advice from a solicitor about domestic abuse, visit this page, call our family helpline on 08000 147720 or send us an email to book a free information session at any of our offices.

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