Divorce & Separation

Divorce is rarely easy, with issues from child care and visitation rights to the division of assets needing to be resolved. Divorce can be a difficult and very distressing time for all involved, but we are here to help.


Our team offers advice at all stages of the breakdown of a relationship, and can guide you when it comes to how to file for divorce, as well as issues that arise from relationship breakdowns, including:

                • Contested and uncontested divorce proceedings - To get a divorce you must show that your marriage has broken down irretrievably.
  • Separation - Whether permanent or on a trial basis, we can assist in formalising details for an agreement or deed.
  • Arrangements for children - Divorce can be difficult when children are involved - we have extensive experience in representing parents, grandparents and other family members in sensitive custody disputes.
  • Financial arrangements - Dividing assets can often be the most troublesome part in divorce, but we can help negotiate the fairest settlement.
  • Prenuptial agreements - A ‘prenup’ is a formal agreement entered into by a couple before marriage. We can guide you through the process helping to set out what will happen to assets should there be a divorce.
  • Collaborative law - This alternative to formal proceedings is suitable for those seeking a more personal and effective way of managing a divorce.
  • Mediation - Talking face to face with your estranged partner might be the hardest thing to do, but it can be a valuable way of resolving issues without the need for court proceedings. Our trained mediators can help the process by keeping the communication channels open and working with couples so they reach the right decisions about their futures.

Our team adopts a constructive and conciliatory approach to resolving family problems arising from any relationship breakdown. We will listen to your concerns carefully, and will endeavour to do all we can to find the right settlement that works for you and your family, in a way that keeps the emotional and financial costs to a minimum.

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Call our family helpline on 08000 147720 or send us an email to book a free information session at any of our offices. We also offer early morning and late evening appointments across our offices.