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Collaborative Law

The expert solicitors at Ramsdens can assist with all aspects of collaborative law, allowing you and your family to settle your disputes in a calm and understanding manner. We have helped hundreds of families to find a solution to their issues without the need for court proceedings, meaning we are well-placed to help you.

what is collaborative law?

Collaborative law is an alternative for those seeking a more personal and effective way of dispute resolution.

Free from the constraints of mediation or court proceedings, collaborative law allows for couples to settle their differences through face-to-face discussions, with the constant support of their solicitor and no third parties.

Unlike the traditional route, the collaborative law process puts couples in control.

You decide the pace and agenda of the discussions, with the added advantage of having your solicitor by your side throughout the negotiations, making sure that your priorities are effectively met.

More importantly, the process places all parties under a duty to provide full and honest disclosure so that couples are free to focus on working with the facts, instead of disputing them. By also placing parties under a signed agreement to instruct other solicitors should proceedings fail and require the involvement of the courts, there is a real incentive for both sides to stick with the discussions until they find a mutual solution.

Uniquely, the process also allows for experts to be called upon from a wide range of areas. From financial experts to counsellors, solely to help clients identify their priorities and achieve a personal and effective agreement.

Collaborative law is especially effective where children are involved, as it keeps communication between partners open and respectful, causing less stress to children and allowing for the parents to come to a long-term agreement that everyone can live with.

At Ramsdens we have three collaborative trained lawyers including Sarah Ward and Claire Rutter.



  • All key decisions made about your future are yours and are never decided by a third party.
  • If children are involved, you both remain the parents and this process allows for your children to cope better by seeing that you are both working things through together.
  • Most importantly, the collaborative law approach can significantly reduce the time and costs involved in separation cases.
  • You maintain contact with your ex-partner, meaning that you have the best chance of understanding each other and finding the best possible solution.

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