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Probate & Administration of Estates

When you lose a loved one, it can be an emotional time dealing with estate administration. Our probate solicitors are here to help executors and family members take care of all the wishes in a will.

At Ramsdens, we have a wealth of experience in probate and administration of estates, and keep up to date with complex tax legislation that can be difficult to deal with during this distressing time.


When someone dies, it is usually necessary, whether they have made a will or not, to obtain a court order to deal with their financial affairs. If they have left a will, this is called a grant of probate. If they have passed away without a will, a grant of letters of administration is required.

Administrative duties require knowledge of the laws of property, succession and trusts, as well as the implication of Inheritance and Capital Gains taxes. At Ramsdens, we can help the executors appointed in the will, or family members entitled to inherit, deal with the often complicated paperwork in an efficient and cost-effective way at a time when stress and emotion leaves you with little enthusiasm to deal with these important matters yourself.

We can assist you with:

  • Applying for a grant of probate or grant of letters of administration;
  • Taking care of the wishes in a loved one’s will;
  • Valuing an estate;
  • The complexities of tax implications, such as Inheritance and Capital Gains tax;
  • Probate disputes.

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