 Hilary Garnett
  March 25, 2020
The Coronavirus Bill is currently going through Parliament. Section 82 of the Bill, when enacted, contains provisions to ensure that no business will be forced out of their premises if they miss a payment in the next 3 months.
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 Kirsty Jackson
  December 4, 2019
In a commercial lease, it is common for the landlord and the tenant to agree that the rent payable under the lease is subject to change at certain points during the lease. These provisions are known as rent review clauses. Some of the most common types of rent reviews are market rent, indexed rent and stepped increases.
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  November 4, 2019
A recent case has confirmed the need for purchasers of HMO’s to obtain their own licence – even if the seller’s hasn’t yet expired.
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  October 18, 2019
When entering into negotiations for a new lease of commercial premises, a tenant should consider whether they require a tenant’s break clause.
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  September 2, 2019
The UK Government has recently amended permitted development rights to enable greater flexibility to shop owners to adapt to the UK’s changing high streets.
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  July 24, 2019
Yorkshire law firm, Ramsdens Solicitors have made a number of senior promotions.
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  July 15, 2019
Good news for landlords... and their solicitors.
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  June 19, 2019
It is very common for tenants of commercial leases to either want to, or perhaps need to, ‘get out’ of the lease.
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