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Getting Married Abroad

If you are planning on getting married abroad, it is important to ensure that the correct legal requirements are met in order for your marriage to be recognised in the UK. The legal specialists at Ramsdens Solicitors can help you to ensure you are compliant with the law, meaning you can focus fully on your wedding day.

Ramsdens is ranked in the prestigious Legal 500, and are well-placed to assist with this matter. We work with diligence and care, explaining the legal process in a simple and concise manner.

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Is getting married abroad legal in the UK?

A marriage carried out overseas is recognised as legal under UK law if it is valid under the laws of the country in which it was administered.

However, if you want to have a wedding abroad rather than in the UK, some countries require you to have an Affidavit or Statutory Declaration to confirm that you are single and free to marry before you enter the country.

Your travel agent will be able to provide you with an example of a document that would be accepted in the specific country in which you are getting married.

Whilst people in some countries suggest that they will accept such Affidavits or Statutory Declarations witnessed by solicitors, we recommend that these are witnessed by a notary public, to avoid any risk that the document might be rejected by the authorities in the relevant country, which could lead to some significant wasted expenditure and distress. For details of notaries working out of Ramsdens Solicitors, see here.

Every country is different, so you must check the specific requirements of the country that you are getting married in. You may be able to obtain this information from the Embassy or High Commission in the country in which you plan to marry, or from the wedding organise or agent, if you have one. There is no single international standard or requirement for such documents, and it is your responsibility to make sure you produce the right one.

How do I register an overseas marriage?

If you get married abroad, you can apply to have your documents sent from the country you were married in to the General Register Office (GRO). The original documents issued by the foreign authority must be lodged.

Can I have my overseas marriage pre-approved?

If you are looking for assurance before getting married abroad, you can get a Certificate of No Impediment from the authorities that will be conducting your marriage in the country you are looking to get married in.

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