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Getting Married Abroad

Are you getting married abroad?

In the excitement of your up and coming wedding day, the day of your dreams, the little things such as a Statutory Declaration to marry abroad and other requirements for marriage can be overlooked and easily forgotten.

If you plan to have a wedding abroad rather than in the UK, some countries require you to have an Affidavit or Statutory Declaration to confirm that you are single and free to marry before you enter the country.

Your travel agent will be able to provide you with an example of a document that the specific country that you are getting married in would accept. We would ask that you provide us with this document and we can then prepare the Affidavit/Statutory Declaration to the specific requirements of the country that you plan to marry in.

You can also contact the High Commission in the country that you plan to marry in to ensure that you have all of the correct documentation to marry in that country. We can then incorporate this into the Affidavit/Statutory Declaration.

Every country is different so you must check the specific requirements of the country that you are getting married in.


£120 + VAT for a single Affidavit/Statutory Declaration

£175 + VAT for mirrored Affidavits/Statutory Declarations.

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