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Many couples are surprised to discover that they are not entitled to property or assets if they are not married, making cohabitation agreements vital in the modern world.

After living with someone for many years, you want to be certain that should the relationship break down, that you and your children have a secure future, especially when, just like a marriage, you’ve invested many years into your family, home and lifestyle.

At Ramsdens, our team of family law experts are here to discuss the implications of cohabitation, your rights, what to expect and cohabitation agreements in greater depth.

What is a cohabitation agreement?

A cohabitation agreement should help avoid costly, painful and lengthy court battles should you decide to separate or any heartbreak if you realise your rights (or lack thereof) as an unmarried couple too late. An agreement is easily adapted as life’s circumstances change and can form the basis of a prenuptial agreement should you decide to marry.

A cohabitation agreement can cover:

  • Assets: allow provisions for joint assets, or assets that you solely own.
  • Children: make sure children are protected, cared for and have a secure future.
  • Maintenance: should anyone be eligible for maintenance, you can discuss this and make arrangements beforehand.
  • Peace of mind: no matter what happens, you can have peace of mind knowing your family will be secure, and your assets will be cared for.
  • Property: ensure you, your partner and any children involved will be protected, or ensure your property is recognised as belonging to the right person.

Our family law solicitors are on hand to discuss any aspect of marriage and relationships, whether you’re interested in learning your rights as an unmarried couple, wish to enter into a cohabitation agreement or are contemplating separating from your partner.

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