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Personal Injury Cases

Ramsdens Solicitors personal injury team help hundreds of people claim compensation.

Read how our team have helped our clients following successful personal injury claims.


Our client sought damages in relation to a personal injury claim following an incident at work.

The client is employed as a paramedic and was assaulted whilst on call responding to a matter that they had been instructed to attend. Despite being advised it was routine, the Claimant soon found out that unfortunately this was not the case and the patient assaulted her.

The initial valuation was challenged and an agreed settlement was eventually reached.

The claim was finalised out of Court and the Claimant was compensated for both the physical and psychological injuries she sustained. The Claimant was unable to return to work for some time due to fear of similar incidents occurring in the future.


The Claimant in this matter sought damages following an accident at work and injuries they had suffered during the course of their employment. They had been employed as a cleaner by a local authority for around 25 years.

The Claimant undertook heavy lifting during their employment and suffered an injury to their back and shoulder as a result of continuous heavy lifting.

Medical evidence was obtained which attributed causation to their employer and so, on this basis, Court proceedings were commenced. Liability was denied throughout, however a generous settlement was reached shortly before the matter was due to come to trial.


Our client approached Ramsdens after they suffered serious multiple injuries in a road traffic accident.

The Claimant was a passenger in a vehicle driven by a family member, who had a collision with a much heavier vehicle, leaving the Claimant with significant injuries.

Liability was admitted at an early stage but Court proceedings were required to force an interim payment on behalf of the Claimant. A fair settlement was then reached, upon final medical evidence being received.

The Claimant was delighted with the settlement and feels that they were kept very much informed throughout.


The Claimant in this matter sought damages after they had fallen in a public car park and suffered a serious fracture.

Despite being local to the area and knowing it well, a new area had been added to the car park which was dangerous and caused the Claimant serious injury.

Liability was denied throughout but following persistence and the issue of Court proceedings, a settlement was reached which reflected around 75% – a very good result in relation to public liability.

The Claimant was very happy with the settlement and felt that Ramsdens were very sympathetic to their needs.


The Claimant in this matter sought damages after they suffered repetitive strain injuries as a result of heavy lifting at work.

Ramsdens approached their employer and despite the fact that it was the employers own occupational health assessment which had diagnosed the injuries, liability remained denied.

It was necessary for Court proceedings to commence to prompt a settlement – the liability denial was maintained but when their own medical evidence at the time of disclosure was that the injuries were caused by their working conditions. Liability could no longer be denied and settlement followed shortly thereafter.

The client was happy with the eventual settlement achieved for them and was most satisfied with the persistence shown by Ramsdens

Claim for a Road Traffic Accident

The Claimant sustained serious injury to her ankle as a result of a road traffic accident. The Claimant was hospitalised and cared for by her mother for an extended period of time as her injuries saw the Claimant lose a lot of independence. The Claimant continues to suffer the effects of her injury and is unable to stand for prolonged periods of time, meaning she cannot pursue her intended career.

The Defendant repeatedly disputed the medical evidence and offered very low offers in settlement of £65,000. Through a successful litigated period and a joint settlement meeting, an offer of £200,000 was accepted by the Claimant.

Compensation for an accident at work

The Claimant suffered an ankle injury and lost teeth as a result of an accident at work where the Defendant employer advised the Claimant to use a forklift loader with damaged tyres. The Claimant was unable to work for a prolonged period of time and will never be able to return to his career in farming.

Early rehabilitation was undertaken to provide the Claimant with physiotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.

A joint settlement meeting was held with a figure of £420,000 being achieved through negotiation.

Claim for incorrect treatment

The Claimant suffered a Baker’s Cyst behind her left leg that was incorrectly treated by the Defendant with anti-coagulation which led to a deterioration in her condition, the need for a fasciotomy and over the years the Claimant continued to suffer extensively with a chronically infected lower leg.

The Claimant struggled to obtain further treatment on the NHS as this was very specialised. The Claimant will therefore use the settlement figure to go ahead with private unique treatment to attempt to rectify the continuing infection in the left leg.

Compensation for a failure to diagnose

The Claimant attended the Defendant Trust with leg pain and ongoing issues. The Defendant failed to admit the Claimant as an inpatient. This resulted in a delay in treatment, resulting in the treatment no longer being viable. Bypass surgery was therefore the only option and this then ended in amputation. The case is ongoing with the view of attending a joint settlement meeting in the spring/summer of 2022.


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