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Dental Negligence Claims

If you have suffered an injury as a result of negligence on the part of a dental professional, Ramsdens Solicitors is here to help. Starting a dental negligence claim with us is quick and easy, putting you in the best possible position to secure the compensation you deserve.

We understand the devastating impact that a dental injury can have on your life, and we will work tirelessly to fight your corner throughout the legal process. We have been helping the people of Yorkshire with cost-effective and practical legal advice for more than 150 years.

Contact us today to discuss your dental negligence claim with a friendly solicitor by calling 01484 821 500 or fill out our online claims form, and we will get back to you. We handle cases on a no win, no fee basis.

How we can help you make a dental negligence claim

The majority of dental procedures are carried out correctly and professionally; however, sometimes incidents can take place that result in a serious injury for the patient. If you have been injured as a result of a dental professional’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

Dental negligence claims can cover a broad spectrum of substandard treatments, and can apply to either NHS or private dentists. Whatever your situation, you do not have to suffer alone. It is your right to have a high standard of care when you attend a dental appointment, and our team of dental negligence solicitors is on hand to help you every step of the way throughout the claims process.

At Ramsdens Solicitors, we have dealt with dental negligence claims involving the following types of injury: :

  • Delay or incorrect diagnosis - including oral cancer
  • Cosmetic dentistry problems
  • Restorative dentistry errors
  • Periodontal disease
  • Nerve injury
  • Improper administration of anaesthetic
  • Incorrect tooth extraction

No matter how your injury was sustained, if you have suffered due to the negligence of a dental professional, we can help. Our dental negligence solicitors will help you to build a strong case that gives you the best possible chance of a successful claim. Any compensation secured will help to cover earnings you have lost as a result of time required off work, as well as any medical treatment you have needed. Making a dental negligence claim will also help to hold those responsible for your dental injury to account.

Why choose us for your dental negligence claim?

You can rest assured that your dental negligence claim will be handled with the utmost care by our experienced solicitors. We have been providing legal services for members of the public in Yorkshire and further afield for more than 150 years. Our length of service has allowed us to build a strong reputation as a leading solicitor, and we are confident that we can help you.

We are a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and the Law Society Personal Injury Panel, meaning we are a reputable and well-respected firm in the field of accident claims.

We provide:

  • A free consultation
  • No win, no fee representation
  • Early home visits
  • A friendly, confidential service
  • Fast responses to all communication
  • Specialist dental negligence solicitors to deal with your claim
  • You can read about our awards and accreditations here.


    What is dental negligence?

    Dental negligence, which is also referred to as dental malpractice, is the term given when an avoidable injury was caused by a dental professional who did not provide proper care. Any case involving a poor standard of service on the part of a dentist, which has resulted in avoidable harm for a patient, can lead to a dental negligence compensation claim.

    Your dental negligence claim can be made if you have sustained any type of personal injury, which can include psychological suffering or financial loss, as well as physical injury as a result of a dentist’s negligent work.

    Is there a time limit for claiming dental negligence compensation?

    There are time limits for bringing a claim, usually within three years from the time at which you knew you had received negligent dental treatment. Once this three-year deadline has passed, you may no longer be able to claim compensation or sue your dentist.

    How do I prove dental negligence?

    Evidence will need to be collected to prove that your dentist was negligent. There are several factors that must be proven in order to successfully pursue a dental negligence claim.

    These are:

  • Breach of care: It must be proven that the dental professional has breached their duty by failing to deliver the acceptable standard of care
  • Causation: Demonstrating the dentist’s breach of duty
  • Damages: Proving that you have suffered an injury as a result of the dentist’s breach of care.
  • At Ramsdens Solicitors, we can help you to prove that the dental professional who administered your treatment was negligent.

    How much is my dental negligence claim worth?

    The amount of compensation you receive will depend on the complexity of your injuries and the circumstances of your case. We can help you every step of the way to build a strong case that is likely to secure the compensation amount you deserve.

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