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Care Home Neglect

As we get older, many of us require an extra level of care that is difficult for our families and loved ones to provide, resulting in many elderly people residing in private care homes.

The majority of care homes are well managed by people with a genuine passion for caring for others but, unfortunately, cases of care home neglect arise often.

It’s difficult to imagine how distressing it can be to discover a loved one is being neglected or even deliberately mistreated in a care home, but we are here to help. At Ramsdens Solicitors, we have varied experience in helping families to claim compensation for loved ones who have suffered neglect, and our specialist team have the skills and sensitivity needed in cases of this kind.

what is care home neglect?

Care homes and nursing homes have a duty of care to all residents to make sure they are kept safe, comfortable and unharmed. However, in some cases, care homes can lack the required amount of care, which can lead to the neglect of some residents.


Neglect in a care home can range from the accidental - for instance if an elderly resident is left alone and is injured by a fall - to shocking cases of deliberate neglect and harm. We have dealt with claims of all kinds and our team has the experience and skills to secure compensation, as well as offer comprehensive emotional support - we understand how distressing such cases are.

We have claimed for:

  • injuries caused by residents being left unattended;
  • pressure sores caused by a lack of movement;
  • slips, trips and falls;
  • failure to provide adequate food and water;
  • medication mistakes;
  • ignoring a resident’s clear needs;
  • failing to maintain certain standards of personal hygiene and cleanliness.

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If you believe that a relative or loved one has received inadequate treatment in a care home, has been emotionally or physically abused, or has been left with injuries or illness due to negligence, we can claim compensation on their behalf.

To find out more about making a claim with Ramsdens Solicitors, call us now on 0800 804 7450 or submit your claim online and our team will be able to offer expert advice and practical support on your care home claim - it’s free and you’ll be able to discuss your situation with a specialist claims solicitor.

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