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Joint Ventures

Joint ventures have become increasingly important as a medium through which business activities and projects are undertaken together.

A major factor has been the escalating size of transactions and projects, which frequently require commitments on a scale beyond the resources of individual companies. Equally important, particularly in the cross-border context, are changing business conditions and markets (largely as a result of changes in political and economic conditions, deregulation and technological developments) which provide opportunities for companies to enter into joint ventures as part of their strategic planning in relation to particular industries or markets.

The rationale and perceived advantages of a joint venture inevitably involve a sacrifice of the control and flexibility which might otherwise have been enjoyed had a company undertaken a business or project independently.

Ramsdens corporate team can help create a structure that not only meets the technical, operational, financial, accounting, regulatory, legal and tax requirements of the venture but also encapsulates the underlying commercial objectives of the individual participants.

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