Low Cost Small Claims

The Small Claims Court is used by people who are in dispute with others regarding a civil matter.

  • Are you being chased for money you believe you do not owe?
  • Does a business or individual owe you money?
  • Have you been let down by poor workmanship?
  • Have you been turned away by other solicitors due to the amount involved or you felt it was going to be too expensive?
  • Have you purchased faulty goods?
  • Have you started a claim or defended a claim yourself and now require legal assistance?
The Small Claims procedure applies to the majority of money claims worth up to £10,000. It is possible to deal with a small claim yourself. However, the law is complex and the process can be difficult depending on the type of claim. If you would prefer to have legal assistance or you do not feel comfortable in dealing with a claim yourself or do not have the time, Ramsdens can help.

We act for both Claimants and Defendants, whether they are businesses or individuals.

At Ramsdens, we are experienced in dealing with small claims and can work to achieve the most advantageous outcome for you. You can be confident that your case is being dealt with by one of our experienced solicitors.

For straightforward claims under £10,000, we are able to offer you our tailor made package, providing you with a transparent fee structure so that you are aware of the costs that you will incur every step of the way.

We can deal with the whole process for you to give you peace of mind.

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If you are considering making a small claim, or have had a claim made against you or your business, our solicitors will be able to assist you and advise on the next steps to take. Call our small claims team on 01484 821 500.....we're here to help with small claims.

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