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Employment Support Service

HR@Ramsdens is an employment support service delivered by Ramsdens to ensure that your business is compliant with employment law.

As an employer it is essential that you keep up to date with new regulations and legislation as non-compliance can be costly.


  • Employment Law Health check.
  • We go through all your contracts and policies to check they’re compliant and fit for purpose.
  • Fixed fee advice for all day to day employment law issues.


  • It’s a 12-month deal, so no long term tie in.
  • The fee covers all emails, telephone calls, letters etc.
  • You can contact us as many times as you need to for any employment issue, with the exception of Tribunal claims or where you’re buying or selling a business. In effect, this means 99% of your employment queries will be covered in the fee.
  • You have certainty on cost.
  • You speak to our team of specialist employment solicitors – not someone in a call centre.

The cost of the cover can be as little as 72p per employee per week.


In summary, the policy covers:-

  • Employment Practice Liability for tribunal claims brought against the business – If you receive a claim. your costs and any award made against you are covered.
  • Directors & Officers Liability – for negligence claims brought against Directors and Officers of the company.
  • Corporate Legal Liability – for negligence claims brought against the company.

Important Information

Unlike other policies, the business is covered if the case has less than 50% chance of being successfully defended.

Though the policy provides cover for employment tribunal claims, AXA will waive the excess where the company has sought and followed legal advice from ourselves for any employment grievance, dispute, disciplinary action or proposed dismissal, redundancy or any other matter.

As a guide, a business with a turnover of between £1m -£2.5m will have a premium from £15 a week which covers employment disputes, directors and officers and company legal liability. The business does not need to take cover on all areas.

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