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Shareholder Disputes

Unlike company Directors, who may only be Managers of a firm, Shareholders are generally the owners of a business. This added personal and professional interest means that disagreements between Shareholders can cause real problems to the ongoing health of a company.

Experience and specialist knowledge are essential when it comes to dealing with often complex shareholder disputes, and here at Ramsdens Solicitors we employ a dedicated team with the skills to sort through any kind of dispute between shareholders.


There are many reasons why shareholders in a company could find themselves with opposite views on a situation. We can help find the best solution for all involved, ensuring the ongoing performance of a company is affected as little as possible.

We have helped to resolve disputes over:

  • The direction and focus of the firm
  • Salary disparities
  • A breach of duties
  • A breach of shareholder agreements
  • Failure to share information
  • Conflicting business interests

Shareholders can be majority or minority, or a business may be split equally between multiple people. If you are a minority shareholder, and you feel you are being unfairly treated by a majority partner, we can help. Similarly, if you and another shareholder, or a number of shareholders, own equal shares we can help to work towards a resolution to suit all parties.


If you are involved in a dispute with another shareholder in your company our dedicated team have the specialist knowledge and experience to bring the situation to a conclusion with as little impact on the day to day running of a business as possible.

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