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Our Trainee Solicitor, Leanne Gibson has recently had a blog featured in the Leeds and Yorkshire Lawyer Magazine, as part of her role as Event Officer for the Leeds Junior Lawyer Division.

In the article, Leanne discussed networking and business development and how they can positively impact both personal and career development.

Commenting, Leanne said: “Networking comes in a variety of forms and the importance of who and where you network differs throughout the stage of your career. As a student, you are focused on excelling in your studies but the importance of networking at this stage is often overlooked.”

Adding, “At this early stage in your career, you are most probably looking to gain work experience or even paralegal and trainee roles. You can use your network to your advantage to show prospective employers that you are a personable individual with the ability to converse confidently.”

Answering the question, ‘How do you build networking confidence?’, Leanne answered: “The simple answer to this is by throwing yourself into every opportunity available – even when you know that you are likely to feel uncomfortable. It’s all about facing the fear and doing it anyway.”

Read more in the latest edition of the Leeds and Yorkshire Lawyer magazine here.