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Our Trainee Solicitor Danielle Hutchison has recently had a blog featured in the Leeds and Yorkshire Lawyer Magazine, as part of her role as Media and Publicity Officer for Leeds Junior Lawyer Division.

In the article, Danielle discussed the pros and cons of hybrid working for junior lawyers and whether or not firm’s should look to return to the pre-pandemic normal.

In favour of the workplace remaining hybrid, Danielle commented: “I, like many, found remote working extremely useful while on my training contract during the pandemic. I was able to attend far more meetings and court hearings during a day than I would have been able to had they been in person, while being able to put forward ideas for innovation and development throughout the pandemic. Of course, I missed the social side and being able to ask my supervisor a question from just across the room, but I found that I learnt by doing instead of questioning everything, which helped my confidence enormously.”

Adding, “Remote working also brings about a requirement for firms to be continuously innovative in respect of technology, which is of course an enormous benefit to the legal sector and those working in it.”

She did, however, note the downsides of remote working, noting that, “There is a lack of conversation, collaboration and company culture that many people thrive on. Anyone working in the legal sector will be aware that the profession can be demanding, stressful and at times can have a detrimental impact on our mental health. Initially, working from home exasperated this for some and brought about feelings of isolation and segregation from their colleagues.”

Read more in the latest edition of the Leeds and Yorkshire Lawyer magazine here.