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Our Trainee Solicitor, Alice McGlynn has recently had a blog featured in the Leeds and Yorkshire Lawyer Magazine, as part of her role as National Representative for the Leeds Junior Lawyer Division.

In the article, Alice discussed setting a precedent as a junior lawyer to help shape the future landscape of the legal sector, and striving to create a better work-life balance.

Commenting, Alice said: “It is welcomed that firms are becoming much better at promoting wellbeing. Not only does this lead to a happier workforce, but wellbeing is said to be intrinsically linked to higher levels of productivity.”

Adding, not emailing colleagues during annual leave, scheduling the delivery of emails during work hours only, and offering support to colleagues in distress as top tips to help alleviate work-place stress.

Alice commented: “It is to everyone’s benefit that we as junior lawyers endorse the attitude of working smarter over working harder. While there is sometimes the need to work until a job is completed, which may of course mean working beyond 5pm if necessary, there is a benefit of making the effort to finish on time where possible for a better work-life balance.”

Read more in the latest edition of the Leeds and Yorkshire Lawyer magazine here.