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Forced Marriage Protection Orders can be obtained in the Family Courts to give the necessary protection by way of a Court Order.

Forced Marriage is also being recognised in the criminal Courts and the second conviction of its kind within a week has taken place. The conviction was of a Leeds based couple.

The couple were convicted after tricking their daughter into travelling to Bangladesh in order to get married.

The parents of the victim told their children they were travelling to Bangladesh for a holiday however, once they arrived in a remote village, the victim was told she was to be married to her cousin. The victim refused and her parents then confiscated her phone and threatened her with violence if she did not agree to the marriage. A refusal to marry often, sadly, results in honour based violence.

The victim was assaulted as a result of her refusal and her father threatened to slit her throat and to 'chop her up' in 18 seconds,one for each year of her life, if she continued to refuse to comply.

Thankfully, the British High Commission in Bangladesh, the Forced Marriage Unit, and Bangladeshi police worked together to rescue the victim and bring her safely back to the UK. The parents were then prosecuted and convicted.

As stated above, reluctance to enter into a marriage arranged by parents or other family members can at times result in honour based violence occurring.

This difficult area is recognised here at Ramsdens and is approached with care and sensitivity.

Ramsdens Solicitors can ensure you are given the opportunity to be guided through a process to obtain protection.

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