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Foster Care Fortnight 2022 is taking place 9-22 May 2022 with a focus on the strength and resilience of fostering communities. Foster care is the most common placement type for looked after children, therefore the annual campaign aims to raise the profile of fostering and its ability to transform lives.

Out of the 12 million children living in England, 3% of these are in the social care system at any one time. As a result, England is said to be facing a shortfall of 25,000 foster placements over the next five years according to the Social Market Foundation. There is also a particular need for foster carers to look after teenagers and sibling groups, with the Local Government Agency reporting that a wider range of foster placements are needed to ensure that children can be placed together, or where their needs are best met.

It has been widely reported in recent times that many children under the age of 16 were being placed in unregulated care homes. This became illegal in September 2021 after a number of children and young people were becoming exposed to organised abuse within these unregulated settings. The fact that such placements existed so recently highlights that the need for foster families is greater than ever.

At Ramsdens, our Care team see the important role played by foster carers. A positive foster placement can provide children with consistency and emotional warmth amid difficult times in their lives.

If you are interested in foster caring, visit to find out more. You can show your support for foster care fortnight using #FCF22 and #FosteringCommunities on social media.


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