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Family Mediation Week is this year taking place between the 20 – 24 January. The annual initiative creates awareness of the many benefits of creating mutual post-divorce agreements, rather than heading to court.

January is the month when family mediators are on high alert. That is because it is this time of year where a lot of relationships breakdown and people separate. The stress over the holiday period and ‘trying to keep the peace’ through this time finally cracks.

“The festive period often proves the final straw for relationships that have been fragile for some time,” says Jane Robey, the CEO of the charity National Family Mediation. “That’s why January is known in family law circles as ‘Divorce Month’.

It is timely that just as the week begins, the royal family have come to an agreement for Prince Harry and Megan Markle to step down as senior royals. An exit agreement that required in-depth discussions surrounding finance, property and working arrangements, very similar to that of a family mediation agreement.

Mediation offers the parties involved the chance to discuss all their issues and decide agreeable and long-term solutions instead of letting a judge decide. This can then be drafted into a legally binding document.

Divorce can be a stressful time and mediation can be a way forward to avoid a costly and lengthy court battle. In some instances court is necessary to resolve issues, such as if there have been cases of domestic abuse, but often this can have damaging effects, especially if there are children involved.

Whilst mediation has begun to rise, with around 22% of couples opting to choose this route, it is still quite low. It is notable that this is in line with a decrease in court applications, which have dropped by 13%, meaning more matters are being settled by alternative methods.

At Ramsdens Solicitors we can offer support and advice before, during and after the mediation process.

Mediation, however, is not the only process which can keep your disputes out of court...

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law allows you to settle your disputes in a calm and understanding manner with help and advice from one of our Collaborative Family Lawyers. Again, this is a process which does not involve Court proceedings but offers flexible solutions which can be tailored to the parties’ circumstances. This process involves round table meetings with your Collaborative Family Lawyer, your spouse or former partner and their Collaborative Family Lawyer and any issue(s) can be discussed such as divorce, separation, finances and children. You receive help and advice during the meeting from your Lawyer however, you and your spouse or former partner remain in control of the process finding a solution which will work best for you.

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