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Nicole Natur, Employment Solicitor at Ramsdens, has featured on MY Grapevine, discussing how gender parity and representation across all levels of seniority is something that “all employers should strive for”.

This comes after The Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of BioNtech, Özlem Türeci, attributed the Covid-19 vaccine’s success to a gender balanced workforce, despite a glaring lack of gender equality in the medical research, patient care and biopharma industry as a whole.

Nicole commented to the publication that: “A fair representation of genders in the workplace can really help an employer make more informed and reasoned decisions that affect its workforce and reduces the risk of treating employees with particular characteristics unfairly.

“This should mean that employers are less likely to act in a discriminatory manner toward any employee and reduces the risks of sex, pregnancy and maternity discrimination in the workplace.

“Of course, employers should also look to strike a balance between achieving gender equality across the work force and choosing employees based on their merit."

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