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Bringing a baby into the world can be a beautiful experience but sadly for some, it is a heart breaking one. Following campaigns led by two families and investigations starting in 2017 into a cluster of baby deaths, the largest ever inquiry into NHS maternity care was launched against the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS trust in 2018. At present, the review is examining more than 1,800 cases where it is suspected the trust was negligent towards mothers and babies in their care.

The inquiry has found that deaths were often not investigated and an induction drug was repeatedly misused. An interim report has been released which lists numerous traumatic births, including babies dying due to the excessive force of forceps and stillbirths that could have been avoided. There have been repeated failures by staff to recognise mothers and babies in deteriorating conditions. In one instance it was reported that, staff were too busy to monitor patients during labour. Letters and records have been uncovered which often focused on placing blame on the mothers rather than looking at whether the Trust itself was as fault, with the report going on to state that the lack of kindness and compassion from some members of the team was unacceptable and deeply concerning.

In June this year, police launched an investigation to see if there was enough evidence to support a criminal case against the trust or any individuals involved. In addition, the report has highlighted immediate and essential actions which must be taken by all maternity services across England, in order to ensure that these experiences are not replicated.

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