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Before now the only way to receive a heart transplant, for children, was for the circumstances of the donor to be such that the heart was still beating.

It is only since 2015 that adults have been able to receive transplants from donor hearts that have been allowed to stop beating with that surgery being the first in Europe.

There has now been a breakthrough with this now being offered to children thanks to the collaboration of the Royal Papworth Hospital, in Cambridge, and Great Ormond Street Hospital. A special device called the organ care system can help keep a heart beating outside of the body for up to 12 hours and means donor hearts from paediatrics can be used in a wider set of circumstances.

A recent BBC article suggests that, in the past, children have to wait around 2 and a half times longer than adults to receive a donor heart. One positive of 2020; it saw the busiest year in a decade for heart transplants in children in the UK. Six of the new type paediatric heart transplants were carried out with only 4 others being carried out worldwide.

Medicine and technology, yet again, helping the UK lead the way to a better future.

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