You may have seen the highly reported matter in the media relating to Gosport Hospital.

In brief, an independent panel have undertaken an investigation in relation to treatment at Gosport War Memorial Hospital and have found that there was a disregard for human life for a large number of patients between 1989-2000. It has been found that 456 lives were shortened by inappropriate and dangerous levels of painkillers being prescribed and that, taking into account records which are missing, a further 200 patients may also have been affected.

You can read more in relation to this story here.

Natalie Marrison, Partner, commented: "Mis-prescription can occur in a number of ways – your pharmacist could inadvertently provide you with the wrong medication, you could be prescribed a dangerously high dose of medication, you could be prescribed with a medication which will react with another medication you are taking causing side effects or you could be given the wrong medication during surgery. Such errors can occur from hospital staff, from your GP surgery or even at the pharmacist.

"Mis-prescription claims are becoming more common at present. A report undertaken into the Cost of Clinical Negligence Claims in 2016-2017 found that 7% of all claims made to NHS Resolution who act on behalf of the Hospitals in relation to such claims related to inappropriate treatment which will include inappropriate prescription. This was one of the four most commonly reported causes. This of course does not include the figures for claims made against GPs and pharmacists."

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