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If your loved one died, would you know their wishes for their departure from this world?

In very recent times, my father suddenly passed away and it was all very unexpected.

I’m a Probate solicitor so you would think that I’d know exactly what his wishes were. I deal with drafting wills for people daily to include their funeral plans, I plan funerals for numerous people who don’t have loved ones and you would think that this would all be standard protocol for someone like me.

Well, truth be known, I didn’t know my dads wishes. I didn’t know at all. Not one thing.

We didn’t have that “chat”. I feel so vulnerable and so helpless and like I’m now playing a guessing game.

The purpose of this blog is to stress that in life we have choices and in death we have choices too. Talking about death should not be a taboo subject, it should be part of future planning just like putting life insurance in place and dealing with other menial life tasks.

Putting in place a Will can include your funeral wishes, or even writing a side letter with your wishes so that your loved ones know which direction to take on your death and so they are not left in the turmoil that myself and my family are now in. Have that conversation, let people know how you wish to leave this world, why wouldn’t you?

For me, knowing what my dad would have wished for would make my life a lot easier right now.

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