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More details were issued last night on the extension of the furlough scheme to 31st October and the changes that will take place at the end of July. Key points are:

  1. From 1st July there'll be flexibility for employers to bring back furloughed employees part time. Those employees will be paid normal wages for the time they spend working and the furlough grant for the rest of their usual working hours.
  2. From 1st August, employers need to contribute to the wages of furloughed staff initially by way of employer NI and pension contributions.
  3. From September, employers also need to put in 10% of wages and the government will pay 70%.
  4. From October, the employer contribution increases to 20%.
  5. The furlough scheme will close on 31 October 2020 as previously announced.
  6. The last date to furlough someone for the first time is 10th June.

More guidance due on 12th June.


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