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David Bradley, Head of Employment at Ramsdens Solicitors, has featured on People Management, discussing a recent tribunal decision which has highlighted the importance of ensuring workplace training is effective and regularly reviewed.

The tribunal in discussion is that of Allay (UK) v Mr S Gehlan, where Mr Gehlan has complained of the treatment he had received and comments made towards him by a particular employee and how manager who were made aware of such comments did not act appropriately.

David commented on the trial: "The Employment Appeal Tribunal’s (EAT) decision in Allay is a wake-up call for all employers. It upheld the original tribunal ruling that the training that was offered to the perpetrator and managers within the business had not been effective and had become stale. In particular, the tribunal noted that while at least one manager advised Gehlan to report the alleged comments to HR, his manager had not done so.

"The fact that managers who had been subjected to the training had not followed the steps recommended during the session less than two years later was good evidence that the training was not effective and/or had become stale.

"The lesson learnt going forward is to ensure that effective training is in place, that it is mandatory and, importantly, that the effectiveness of such training is regularly reviewed and repeated (with improvements where necessary)."

To read David’s full comments with People Management, click here.


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