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David Bradley, Head of Employment at Ramsdens Solicitors, has featured on HR Grapevine, discussing whether legal advice could be included as part of an employee’s benefits package.

In the article, the author discussed work perks and how they can be enhanced, as employers look to retain and attract top talent. A recent example of this, over on LinkedIn News, was an employer offering legal advice to their staff as a work benefit.

The legal advice available could cover a wide range of issues affecting employees in the current cost of living crisis, including property advice; preparation of a will; and advice on family law.

David Bradley, who is also the Chairman at Ramsdens Solicitors, was asked by the publication, “Will it be the ‘next big thing’?”.

In response, David commented: “I cannot see this being the ‘next big thing’. It will be a ‘nice to have’. It should be remembered that most home or car owners have legal support built into their own insurance policies, and this may well simply replicate that. Given the choice between money and this benefit, I feel the choice would be obvious.”

Adding: “A further point of interest might be the potential conflict between employer and employee where any advice obtained it inadequate, slow or negligent. Presumably, disclaimers will be inserted into the benefit, but even so, do employers necessarily want the risk of being connected to poor advice if that occurs?”

You can read the full comments on the HR Grapevine website here.

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