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The current lockdown and the resulting isolation has given us all time to think and reflect now that we have been taken away from “normal life” and there is no guarantee as to when this will resume. Now is the perfect time to make sure that our affairs are in order and to ensure that we do not leave anything to chance.

In our modern society, we have blended families perhaps consisting of step-siblings and relatives that would not benefit from estates should an effective Will not be put in place before death.

What happens if I don’t leave a will?

Should no Will be left, the rules of Intestacy will come into play. These are very rigid and pay no regard to who was close to the person who has died nor who the person spent their time with. These rules are very objective and may well be contrary to what you would have hoped would happen. These rules are superseded by an effective Will.

Am I still able to make a Will even in the current circumstances?

Yes! Whilst a traditional face to face appointment might not be possible at the moment, we can offer a wide range of alternative methods to effectively take instructions and have the Will executed correctly.

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