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There is little doubt Covid-19 has caused many issues for families all over the world. We are having to deal with problems that we didn’t know existed only a few months ago. The current pandemic was unimaginable and as a result, people have not had time to plan for a worst case scenario.

If someone is suddenly incapacitated and has not put a Power of Attorney in place to allow a trusted individuals to make decisions on their behalf, it may seem like it is too late to act. …it isn’t.

An application can be made for a Deputyship Order allows decisions to be made on behalf of somebody who no longer has the mental capacity to do this for themselves.

A Deputy will usually be a close relative or friend of the person affected or can be a professional.

There are two types of Deputyship Order:

  1. Property and financial affairs deputy- This would relate to finances such as managing bank accounts and paying bills on the persons behalf.
  2. Personal welfare deputy- This would allow the appointed Deputy to make decisions as to medical treatment.

Our dedicated Court of Protection team at Ramsdens Solicitors can advise you on all aspects of Deputyship and assist with making an application to become a Deputy.

We can also act as professional Deputies with our expertise recognised with Veronica Mullins being on the Court of Protection’s Panel of Professional Deputies.

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