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In the news recently has been a case relating to a 74 year old man who has lost his eyesight as a result of an inadequate A&E attendance.

In brief, the gentleman attended A&E on New Years Day 2017.The doctor on call failed to perform an examination and he was sent home with minimal treatment. Unfortunately, overnight he completely lost vision in his right eye as a result of a haemorrhage, which will be a permanent effect. He has had three ophthalmic surgeries in an attempt to restore his eyesight but this has not been successful and he has now been left without any further possible treatment.

The man has been awarded £65,000.00 in compensation. As he rightly pointed out, this will not change the fact that he has now been left without his eyesight which has completely changed his life. He will at least be able to buy items which will assist him to maintain his daily activities within the home and strengthen his remaining sight in his left eye, although his ability to read and drive will never be returned. It has also been stated that the incident has also had a significant affect on his psychiatric health.

Had he received the proper care at the attendance at A&E his eyesight could have been saved.

At Ramsdens we have a specialist team of Clinical Negligence lawyers who advise on all aspects of medical maltreatment. We work closely with consultants and rehabilitation providers ensuring the treatment that should have been provided is assessed and private funding is obtained for this moving forward.

If you have been injured or suffered an injury or long-lasting suffering as a result of the medical negligence of those in charge of your care and treatment, you may be entitled to compensation.

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