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March is Brain Tumour Awareness Month and it is Wear a Hat day on 26th March 2021.

At Ramsdens we want to help raise awareness and show our support for the amazing charities out there who do amazing work to raise awareness of brain tumours, understand the causes, educate on symptoms, provide support, and ultimately, research to find a cure.

We recognise the importance of research which continues to increase the effectivity of treatments and develop alternatives and will be wearing our hats this Friday to support Brain Tumour research.

A number of treatments are currently available when a brain tumour has been diagnosed for example: surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and medications. Unfortunately we are all too familiar with circumstances whereby there may be a delay in diagnosis or difficulties with surgeries and treatment. We strive to help client’s in need, together with their families through these difficult times, we understand the sensitivities and can help with easing the pressure of highly emotive circumstances.

Raising awareness can help all involved. At Ramsdens have a specialist team who can help if you have been misdiagnosed for an illness and help get you the compensation you deserve. Call our Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence team today on 0800 804 7450, or fill in our online claims form and a member of the team will call you back for a no obligation chat.

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