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It can be the case that in addition to a private organisation, establishment or Authority, a claim can also be made against an individual abuser. That individual may not have adequate insurance or funds to compensate for their acts and as a result a claim can be made via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

The CICA are a government body who will provide compensation to a survivor (whether that be in child or adulthood) for acts of physical or sexual abuse committed against them when they were a child.

Here at Ramsdens the Child Abuse team have a wealth of knowledge in dealing with these claims and maximising the final awards offered by the CICA.


The CICA will require the act of abuse to have been reported to the Police. The report may be by someone who suspects or has information regarding the abuse or may be by the survivor themselves when they come forward, often some years later. Either way, the Police will investigate and provide a crime reference number, which can be provided to the CICA.


The CICA require an application form to be completed and submitted to them at the time of claiming. They will often encourage a survivor to complete this themselves, which they are able to do. However, it has been the case on numerous occasions that the CICA reject applications or offer low figures by way of settlement. With key knowledge of perusing a claim through this process, we at Ramsdens are able to ensure that all valid claims are not refused and that compensation awards are maximised. We will also take over the entirety of the process so that the CICA have to respond and deal with our skilled team, ensuring that the injuries and effects of these are adequately assessed in terms of their compensation brackets.


The starting point is that the CICA state that a claim should be made within 2 years from the child’s 18th birthday if it was reported to the Police before their 18th birthday, or within 2 years from the report to the Police if the matter was reported after their 18th birthday. The CICA may however extend the time in which a survivor can claim beyond this where they are content that due to exceptional circumstances the survivor could not have applied earlier.

At Ramsdens our specialist team are able to advise on these circumstances and have a wealth of experience in extending the timescales set out so that a compensation claim can be pursued.


We are able to act on all claims via the CICA and also at the same time advise regarding any other potential claims that can be made alongside this, for example a claim against a private organisation. It is important that any stumbling blocks that may be raised by the CICA with regard to the claim generally, whether that be in relation to timescales, valuation, medical treatment or any other are set aside so that the case proceeds with a good outcome. Our team have all the expertise to ensure that this is the reality.


In addition, a case may have been settled via the CICA already when the child was under the age of 18, but it later transpires that the injuries and lasting effects are more significant than thought. Here the CICA may agree to reopen the case so that with further evidence an additional award is made. We have successfully dealt with numerous cases of this nature, receiving additional awards for survivors to accurately assess their ongoing physical and emotional trauma as set out by the CICA guidelines. For more information with regard to under settlement, please refer to our Under Settled Abuse Claims section.


For advice on any potential or settled CICA claims please contact our Child Abuse Team in confidence on 0113 887 1834 or email us at to book a free information session at any of our offices.