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Family mediation is an alternative to Court proceedings and is a useful process for separating couples. Mediation can help parties reach agreements in relation to arrangements for children and also financial matters following separation. Mediation sessions are conducted by independent Mediators. They are professionally trained to help separated parties reach agreements in relation to issues that are in dispute. They do not represent either party and are therefore completely impartial.

What are the benefits of Mediation?

  • It helps parties move forward with an agreement they have both worked towards.
  • Both parties voices are heard and their points raised and discussed with the assistance of an independent family Mediator.
  • Mediation is less costly than Court proceedings.
  • Mediation is less stressful what Court proceedings.
  • You can still seek legal advice from your own Solicitor throughout the Mediation process before a final agreement is reached however, a Solicitor cannot attend a Mediation meeting you.
  • The parties make the decision in Mediation. If Court proceedings are issued a Judge will ultimately make a decision that both parties have to stick to.
  • Less conflict between the parties which can help with having an amicable relationship moving forward particularly, if you have children together.
  • The process can be quicker than Court proceedings.
  • It can be less upsetting for children of the family.

Mediation can be very beneficial for parties in helping them reach an agreement following a separation.

Some Mediators also offer Legal Aid to parties that are financially eligible.

If you have recently separated and wish to utilise the Mediation process then you can find a local Mediator by visiting the Family Mediation Council’s website here -

It is important to note that in most circumstances, parties have a duty to attend Mediation before Court proceedings can be issued regarding child arrangements or the financial consequences of a marriage breakdown. There are some exemptions to this which we will cover in our next blog as part of #familymediationweek.

At Ramsdens we offer advice and assistance to clients following separation. We can advice you in relation to all aspects of family law. Our Solicitors are resolution trained Solicitors and have a non-confrontational approach to dealing with matters in the best interests of clients.

We understand that going through a separation is emotionally difficult and can be upsetting. We are here to help you throughout the whole process. To book an appointment contact our Family Helpline on 08000 147720, email or text LAW to 67777 to book a free thirty minute consultation at any of our offices across West Yorkshire. We also offer early morning and late evening appointments across our 12 offices.