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The United Nations designated the 1st of October as International Day of Older Persons. The purpose of which is to highlight the opportunities and challenges faced by our ageing population. This year’s theme is ‘Digital Equity for All Ages’ which focusses on the importance of access to the digital world for all ages and not just the younger generation.

There are currently around 700 million people over the age of 60 and it is predicted that the number of older persons worldwide is projected to more than double, reaching more than 1.5 billion persons in 2050.

In an ever-changing and developing world, it is vital that our elderly population are able to access technology particularly as our world is now a ‘digital one’ which has transformed the way in which we live, work and communicate with each other whether that be our family, friends or colleagues.

There are ongoing efforts to connect more people however this has flagged risks such as cybercrimes and misinformation which may threaten the security of older people and arguably, this is one of the many reasons that our elderly population choose not to partake in new technology. The main objective of #UNIDOP2021 is to bring awareness of the importance of digital inclusion whilst also exploring the role of policies to ensure privacy and safety of older persons in the digital world. For more information, please read the United Nationals Secretary-General’s Roadmap for digital cooperation.

Whilst inclusion of all age groups in our digital world is vital, it is also important to consider the legal implications of our ‘digital assets’ and what happens to those on our death. A prime example of this may be photos stored on social media or personal email accounts. For more information, please read our blog on Digital Assets in Wills.

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