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This week is Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week, which is all about raising awareness and promoting support for survivors of sexual abuse #itsnotok.

Our earlier blogs this week considered the steps that survivors can take to achieve some form of justice following the abuse suffered at the hands of perpetrators.

It is undoubtedly very difficult for survivors to come forward and speak out about the abuse that they were exposed to. That first step, however, is significant and can start the journey in rebuilding lives and bringing those at fault to account.

It is paramount to ensure that each individual’s case is expertly assessed to determine the appropriate support and therapy that is required. A plan can then be formulated, at a pace tailored to the needs of the survivor, to slowly begin the process of treatment and rehabilitation facilitating goals to be achieved into the future.

Treatment can include counselling, CBT and other recognised psychological therapies together with holistic therapy. We have seen the positive impact that a combination of these therapies has on survivors and the significant change that it makes to lives and reintegration into family life and society.

At Ramsdens we represent a number of survivors who have been exposed to sexual abuse during their lifetime. We act for survivors who have come forward in both adulthood as well as receiving instructions from those who are aware of ongoing abuse in childhood.

Our team led by Natalie Marrison have extensive experience in pursuing compensation claims arising on behalf of survivors. For a completely confidential discussion please contact Ramsdens Child Abuse team on 0113 8871 834.