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In a previous blog on 15 April 2019 the Ramsdens Litigation team commented upon the government’s proposal to abolish section 21 notices known as the “non-fault” eviction process.

Since the announcement of the government’s proposal, the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has been very vocal in supporting landlords opposing the proposal.

The RLA has commented that the reforms will not work and could threaten the supply of homes for rent.

Following a survey from the RLA it has found that a huge 98% of landlords are so concerned about the reforms that they have considered leaving the rental market if the reforms take place. This would lead to concerns about availability of rental properties and over rental increases due to demand of rental properties.

Despite the myths, many landlords currently only use the “non-fault” eviction process where a tenant is at fault e.g. due to rent arrears and anti-social behaviour issues because the other “fault” eviction process (which commences by issuing the tenant with a section 8 notice) is often too risky, more expensive and can take longer to get possession.

The government’s consultation on abolishing section 21 notices ended on 14 October 2019. We are currently awaiting their decision. At present landlords can still serve section 21 notices.

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