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Following an accident those involved have significant concerns in relation to their injuries and the consequences of this. It can often be difficult to know what to do to try and mitigate the effects.

For more minor injuries, the injured person may be in need of short term financial assistance throughout their recovery to enable them to return to work, and perhaps physiotherapy to alleviate symptoms.

Even the most minor physical injury can have a significant effect upon your life, as many people will be aware.Imagine the effects of suffering a brain injury, from the more minor to catastrophic which would change the course of your life permanently.

Even after a minor head injury, the function of your brain is impaired temporarily, sometimes referred to as concussion.Concussion can cause difficulties such as headaches, dizziness, fatigue, depression, irritability and memory problems. Symptoms can last from a short period of time to months, or sometimes even years.

Unfortunately, there are also more severe brain injuries with significant long term effects.Survivors of these are likely to have complex long-term problems affecting their personality, their relationships and their ability to lead an independent life.

It is important to obtain proper guidance from an early stage following injury.Here at Ramsdens, we not only pursue claims for damages but can provide assistance in rehabilitation, contacting the third party insurers to obtain interim payments and the appointment of a Deputy if the person has lost capacity, etc.We are experienced in dealing with victims of accidents who have suffered significant brain injury and will ensure that the injured party obtains assistance in dealing with matters and will not be left to handle this burden alone.

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