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In these unprecedented times, litigators wondered how Courts and all parties would cope with deadlines, where delays were inevitable.

We have seen however, a collaborative approach taken over this past week in personal injury litigation where, Claimant Solicitor firms and insurance companies are now working together to put matters in place which will benefit both parties and place less pressure on the Courts, which will, of course, enable them to prioritise urgent family and criminal work.

A Protocol is now agreed, which will run immediately until the 20th April, this will in a sense “freezer” any forthcoming limitation dates between now and the 20th April.The Protocol will be reviewed in the last week to see whether this needs to be further extended.

Whilst not all Claimant firms and insurers are yet signed up to the Protocol, it is anticipated that more will. It certainly encourages agreement so far as limitation extensions and also for Claimant Solicitors to agree extensions of time set for the Defendant party.

The agreement includes a key email address and “hotline” telephone number for any enquiries to be made.

Whilst these are uncertain and difficult times for all it is a welcomed development that parties are able to work together and introduce measures which will assist all concerned. A collaborative approach must by the way forward until a clear landscape is set.

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