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Despite Covid restrictions being lifted in England, the effects of the pandemic continue to change our everyday lives, including in the workplace.

On Wednesday, 18 May, our Employment team joined Azets Employer Solutions to host a webinar focusing on the working world post-Covid and what employers and employees both need to be aware of.

The hour long webinar covered; hybrid and homeworking, the impact on tax, and hiring and retaining staff in a challenging market.

Gareth Dando, Employment Partner at Ramsdens Solicitors, commented: "The working world post Covid-19 has altered massively. The pandemic has triggered a number of changes and challenges in employment law, including how people work and business gets done, that companies need to plan and prepare for. Those that respond effectively to these changes will better stand out from their competitors in the long run."

This webinar is aimed at business owners and employers, including managers or professionals responsible for payroll, HR, tax and financial matters, and those involved in the management of people resource and work-force planning.

For access to the recording of the webinar please contact our Events team at